Posted by: cmtalbert | September 11, 2008

Mozilla Dev Days — Toronto!

We are organizing the Toronto Dev Days next week, Monday September 15 and Tuesday September 16 at Seneca College.  We are looking forward to the event, and the speakers are putting their finishing touches on their presentations.  I’ve been working on organizing the Testing Talks that will be on Tuesday, and I wanted to update everyone with the final schedule of how those would work.  We will be covering a few very broad areas of the Mozilla platform, areas that can be leveraged by extension developers, by other projects, and perhaps most importantly, by people that wish to jump into the Mozilla universe in the unique role of test development and automation.

* Test Talk I: XPCShell Testing with Ted Mielczarek

* Test Talk II: Mochitest Testing with Shawn Wilsher

* Test Talk III: Memory leak testing with Carsten Book

* Test Talk IV: Lightweight Mozilla UI automation with yours truly.

We are excited to see you in Toronto.  If you haven’t done so already, sign up!



  1. Can someone record these events and upload to google youtube?

  2. @ok:
    Our plan is to record these sessions and break them into short “how-to” videos on each type of testing. For example, we’ll break mochitests into three separate videos for each type of mochitest. But, yes, that’s exactly what we plan to do.

    I’ll be blogging once I have the details on where the video documents will land. I’m pretty sure they’ll also be on youtube as well.

  3. It will be good to see you guys in my house for once 🙂

  4. I have a question that’s kinda off topic: in regards to Thunderbird2, can you tell me if I can import my hotmail to it? Is there anything special I need to do so? I’m in the process of downloading Thunderbird… Thanks for any help you can give….

  5. @caffempath: Unless it’s changed, Hotmail doesn’t allow people to connect through a supported network email interface like POP or IMAP to get their mail. So, I’ve done this in the past by using a third party tool that pulls the mail from hotmail and makes it available through a POP or IMAP interface locally. Then you configure Thunderbird to look at that interface.

    Here are some such tools:

    Here’s the Mozilla Support Site, where people might know more about the current state of affairs w.r.t. this stuff:

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