Posted by: cmtalbert | October 25, 2008

A Quick thought on Barcelona

Yesterday was my first day in Spain.  I walked through the Barri Gotic and Catalunya Square, and was completely lost from about 5PM to 7PM when I finally found my way to Sagrada Familia.  I have never been in a big city where I’ve seen so many people laughing.  Everywhere I looked, people laughing, people cutting up, people having a good time.  I don’t know why, I don’t speak enough Spanish to understand anything, so as far as I can tell, it’s just another Friday night in Barcelona.

What a great city.



  1. Nostalgia: i have spent very little time in Spain (almost all of that in Catalonia) but loved it. My memory of Barcelona is the wonderful architecture. I didn’t notice so many people but that may be because i had a row with my then boyfriend in Barcelona!

    Getting lost is one of my favourite ways of getting to know a city.

    Will you have long in Spain? See any other parts?

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