Posted by: cmtalbert | January 1, 2009

SF to Texas, Days 2 & 3 – Time Management

Well, the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful.  I stopped at the petrified forest in Arizona and walked around there for an hour or two.  Other than that, I just drove, drove, drove.  It turned out to be 2,125.3 miles.  Quite a haul.  I’m looking forward to heading back and I promise to actually blog it well this time.  But I think that this  points to a bigger topic, and one very appropriate for a New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year!

And now what?  That’s my problem.  How will this year be any different from last?  I keep wrestling with that question as my head threatens to explode from the remnants of a very bad decision (mixing scotch and champagne is a no-no).  I don’t procrastinate, I manage time, I make time, I do all that stuff, and still things just don’t get done.  I think I let too many things get in my way between what my heart tells me to do and that ever-present sense of “What I Ought To Be Doing”.  I don’t know if other people have this problem.  None of my extremely successful friends seem to.  I’m making ’09 a year to work on this.  So the first thing is a set of goals:

  • Finish the Twin Hills Novel
  • Publish some of the stories, finish edits on Legacy Pt 1
  • Do a triathlon
  • Complete my website
  • Bring the principles I use at work on the web to my writing life, quit making an artificial and useless dichotomy there

A very interesting thought popped in my head while reading the first few pages of Seth Godin’s Tribes, it comes from Ghandi’s oft quoted admonishment: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  My thought was: “It’s not so much that you have to become the change you want to see in the world, it’s that you already ARE that change, you just have to start acting like it.

So my question, dear readers, is what are you going to do with this “one wild and precious” year?



  1. Yes, other people have that problem! At least, this other person does. I’m getting better with it though.

    I console myself that time management difficulties go with the creative personality. That helps on the self-blame front – if not the time management front…

    Anyway my 2009 IS going to be more peaceful and stable and IS going to be more productive and less restful than my 2008. I look forward to travelling vicariously with you, and hearing more about Twin Hills. 80) Happy ’09.

    • Haha! It’s good to know I’m not alone. Wish you the best in 09, Mand!

  2. No you certainly aren’t alone! Some how the best laid plans etc have go astray. On track off track I need more focus!

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