Posted by: cmtalbert | October 19, 2010

Need some Graphics Help

Are you waiting for a chance to prove your design skills to the world?  Do you want a quick venue to get a design before 10,000 people and earn the Mozilla Automation Team’s eternal gratitude?  Well, then wait no more.

We need some icons for our new Profile Manager application.  This is a profile manager that will work on any Gecko application (Thunderbird, Firefox, etc).  It does a whole lot more than the old, embedded profile manager ever thought of doing, but it has no icon, and no cool graphics for its web pages.

Beyond our gratitude, we’ll make sure you’re given attribution and recognition.  We’ll endorse your good work.  So, check out Jonathan’s blog post for more details, and get your pencils ready!

Specifically we’d like to see:

  • 16×16 pixel icon
  • 64×64 pixel icon
  • 128×128 pixel icon
  • Logo using the words “Profile Manager”

To submit your designs, please see bug 605576 for details on how to do that.



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