Posted by: cmtalbert | February 25, 2011

Mozmill 1.5.2 Released

I’m happy to announce that we have finally released Mozmill 1.5.2.  Thanks to everyone that worked on it, tested it, and helped out.  It’s a good release, and it has proven stable over the last few weeks of testing.  We’re not resting on our laurels though, we’re working hard on Mozmill 2.0, and hope to have a release of that out soon to follow on 1.5.2’s heels.

Mozmill 1.5.2 is now on pypi, you can easy_install it.  The Mozmill 1.5.2 add-on is currently under review on (AMO), and will be posted live after the AMO editors complete their review.

There are getting to be way too many people to thank (which is an awesome problem to have), but I want to make sure to thank the following folk who definitely went above and beyond the call of duty:

  • M.A. Darche
  • Merike Sell
  • Adrian Kalla
  • Henrik Skupin
  • Geo Mealer
  • Anthony Hughes
  • Aaron Train
  • Heather Arthur
  • Jeff Hammel
  • Andrew Halberstadt
  • And several others who’ve reviewed patches, looked at downstream bugs, and reported issues

Some of the big bugs that were fixed in this release were:

  • Manifest support for easily disabling tests
  • Fixes to compatibility checking for addons
  • Adding the ability to forward command line parameters to the program under test (like the debugger for instance)
  • Several improvements to the stopping/starting code to fix several hang bugs
  • Drastically improved support for simulating drag and drop
  • You can now get to elements using CSS selectors
  • Syntax errors inside tests are now more clearly reported when running from the command line.

The full list of fixed bugs are here:

If you want to get involved and help out with the Mozmill 2.0 effort, it’s not too late.  Stop by #mozmill on IRC (


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