Posted by: cmtalbert | April 15, 2011

Mozmill 1.5.3 Released

I’ve been very heads down on a number of projects recently, as you can no doubt tell from the number of updates I’ve made on this blog.  The last post was Mozmill 1.5.2’s release announcement, and now I’m here to announce Mozmill 1.5.3.  This is a small bug-fix-only release to fix a few small issues that QA brought to our attention.  Work is continuing on 2.0 which will have a far better architecture.  I’ll write some posts about the changes we’re making.

But, today, Mozmill 1.5.3 is released.  It’s already on Pypi, and it was just submitted for review on AMO.

We fixed:

  • Bug 643697 – JSBridge limits amount of data transferred (fixed on
    branch, fix still pending on master)
  • Bug  645234 – Fix for addon compat prefs (short term).  More changes may be needed as we change our version numbers to accommodate faster releases.
  • Bug 636746 – Add Mozmill version to test report
  • Bug 646970 – Remove controller argument from _buildMenu call in Menu::open
  • Bug 647030 – version bump
  • Bug 648523 – Mozmill 1.5.x doesn’t remove temporary addon folders
  • Bug 506760 – Mozmill tests executed with UTF-8 characters cannot be executed
  • Bug 648523 – Make windows process handling more robust

Thanks very much to the tireless folk who’ve fixed all these bugs and verified them.


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