Posted by: cmtalbert | July 30, 2012

When the Villain Comes Home is Available!

From super villains to thugs, from necromancers to biochemists, villains have to come from somewhere. And sometimes, they have to return. Today, the villains are coming home. I’m excited to announce that When the Villain Comes Home is now in print!

When the Villain Comes Home is an anthology edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood. It is the sequel to their award nominated anthology When the Hero Comes Home Not only am I excited that this book went to print today, I’m also excited because I’m in it! My story is nestled in this anthology among amazing work by some incredible writers including people I’ve always admired like Mercedes Lackey, Jay Lake, and Todd McCaffrey! There are several new voices in it as well that I’m sure you will adore if you like fantasy and science fiction (and if you don’t like those genres, they just might convert you).

My story in this anthology, Birthright,  is a story about evil. I wanted to explore a truly vile, evil villain and how such a character might end up that way. Unlike my forthcoming novel, Last Stand of Darwony, Birthright deals with some rather adult themes of evil and betrayal and vengeance. I delve into this a bit in my Q&A with Gabrielle Harbowy on her blog.

If you happen to be in Toronto in early November, I’ll be holding down a table with copies of both Hero and Villain at the World Fantasy Convention. It would be great to see you there.


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